#CAMPAIGN: Make illegal legal!

(in reference to all the supports given to illegal immigrants by certain people in the society)

And if we have achieved that – let’s make all legal illegal!



#things I do LIKE….

AFTERLIFE:      all seems to be better there – no tooth ache, no Trump, no fake news, not even any news, no hassle, no fighting, no Windows… can’t wait (by the way – it is the strong believe of the author that after this life, it is over…. not believing in any religious scam)


3D PRINTING    love it!

#things I do NOT like….

  • RELIGION – if they wouldn’t exist yet I would sell ‘ afterlife luxury tickets ‘ for a hell of a money. Unfortunately this is already happening since 1000+ years……                      (the faculty of reason – first step: acknowledge your life is ending and a one off…)
  • WINDOWS – if they add another default library (to the already 9.2 Billions), just to crap my RAM full, I finally change my last WIN Computer to another OS (not iOS)